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24 Mar 2016



  1: chicken 1 kg ( cut in 16 pieces)
  2: thick greek yogurt 1/2 cup
  3: onions 1 large (finely chopped)
  4: tomatoes 5 medium (sliced)
  5: ginger & garlic paste 1 tbs
  6: bullet green chilli 4
  7: fresh ginger 1 inch (Julian)
  8: coal 1 piece
  9: whole red chilli 8
 10:coriander seeds 2 tbs
  11:cumin seeds 1 tbs
 13:black pepper corn 1 tsp
 14: oil 1/2 cup
 15:fresh coriander handful


  1: dry roast whole red chilli, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, black pepper corn, on high flame till changes colour.
  2: then crush it coarsely, keep aside.
  3: heat oil 1 cup and fry chicken till gets light golden, on high flame, then remove the chicken and keep aside.
  4: heat oil 1/2 cup add onions fry on high flame till gets light golden.
  5: then add tomatoes, ginger & garlic paste, cook till the tomatoes reduce and oil comes on surface, on high flame.
  6: now add yogurt mix and add the dry roasted & crushed masala, salt, half green chilli, half ginger, chicken, water half   a cup mix well, cover and cook on low to medium till the oil comes on surface.
  7: then add the fresh coriander and mix.
  8: heat the coal.
  9: then place a piece a foil place the hot coal add little oil on top, cover till the smoke settles.
 10:garnish with remaining green chilli, ginger.
 11:serve hot with naan.