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24 Nov 2015


(Kachori is a well known snack in many states of India and is made in different ways. A big thanks to @ swati  joshi ji for giving me and my team an opportunity to share her recipe.All regions enjoy bragging rights for their own way of making Kachori. One such very famous variety originates from Shegaon and hence a favorite of nearby regions of Vidarbha.)

For Covering :
1/2 Cup Sooji    , 1 cup all Purpose flour ,
1/2 stick melted butter , Salt to taste , Little water to knead the dough.

For Filling :
1/2 Cup Moong Dal soaked for atleast 6 hrs,
1 tspn Roasted Fennel (Saunf) , Salt to taste , 1/4th tspn Cumin (Jeera) ,
1/2 tspn Garam Masala , 3/4 tspn red chilly powder ,
1/4th tspn turmeric , 1.5 tbspn oil , 1.5 tspn sugar

Oil for frying

Procedure :
For Cover :
Soak Sooji in little water for 10-15 mins.Add All purpose flour , Salt to taste and 1/2 stick heated butter and knead a dough.
Add minimal water for the dough to come together. Knead the dough well . Make sure the dough is not too soft.

For filling :
Blend Soaked Moong Dal in very little water. Heat oil in a Pan and add Cumin and turmeric to it. When the Cumin splutters , add the
blended Moong Dal paste to the Pan and add salt , red chili Powder , Sugar , Garam Masala ,Roasted fennel.
Stir Well to ensure no lumps are formed. Cover the pan and let cook for 10 minutes on low flame. Uncover and break lumps if any and cook for another 10 mins.

The quantity of spices salt and sugar can be adjusted as per personal tastes. The mixture by itself can be a little spicy as those flavors mellow down when stuffed and fried.Let the Stuffing cool down.

To Make Kachori :
Roll a Puri Sized Dough ball , and stuff about a tspn full of the Moong Dal Mixture. Roll it again and Deep fry it till Golden Brown.

Hot Shegaon Kachori is ready to serve.Tastes great with Tamarind Chutney and/or Pudina Chutney or just by itself.