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29 Mar 2013

Marizipan Easter Eggs

Marizipan Easter Eggs

;Gulzar Lakdawala
Published 03/30/2013

Easter eggs quick and easy recipe


Chashew (or almond) crushed 400 gm
Icing sugar 500 gm
Rose water 30-50 ml
Food colour (optional)
Egg moulds (you can also use moulds of bunnies,hens, bonnets etc)
For icing or decoration
Icing sugar 1 bowl
Egg whites 1/2 egg
Food colour a pinch each


Take a bowl combine the crushed nuts and icing sugar
Knead the above ingredients well with rose water to form s soft dough.This is the basic marzipan dough
To form egg off different colour,divide dough into separate portions and add pinch of different to each and knead well
Now put the Marzipan into egg mould and lay the egg to dry in open tray or large container for a day
Once they've hardened you can proceed to decorate them as you ike
For icing:- Mix egg whites and sugar and a pinch of food colour to it
Transfer the mixture to icing bag or syringe with different nozzle for different results
Leave the egg to dry for a day so that the icing hardens. Now enjoy flaunting and eatting your yummy easter eggs
Yield: 20 pieces

Tags: eggs,icing,food,colourPrep Time: 0:30