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19 Feb 2013

pakistani Recipes: mutton Masala Biryani

pakistani Recipes: mutton Masala Biryani:                       Mutton Masala Biryani Boneless chunks of mutton cooked in garam masala, yoghurt, ginger, garlic and chillies wit...

custard apple shake

custard apple shake


1 cup sitaphal pulp
1 liter pasteurized whole milk well chilled
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream

Keep aside 1 tbsp. pulp for topping.
Grind sugar to a powder.
Beat sugar and milk with beater till well dissolved and frothy.
Add pulp and ice cream and beat further till thick and frothy.
Pour into individual glasses, top with a small portion of pulp.
Serve chilled. 

Trick TO FIX 

Its difficult  to deseed  pulp here is trick to do that put pulp with seeds in mixer pot and just take a half round of it take it out in vessel see the magic all the seeds are exasperated from pulp but make sure not to turn more then half round otherwise it will crush