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22 Mar 2013

Holi special sweet and salt

Nam keen Karele is an attractive treat that tastes as good as it looks. It is flaky, crunchy and super delicious. I bet not only kids, grown-ups get tempted to grab some of them.

For 50 pieces approx.

All purpose flour (maida) - 1.5 cups
Whole wheat flour – 1/2 cup
Vegetable oil – 3 tbsp
Cumin seeds – 1 tsps
Salt as per taste  
           Water (enough to make firm dough)      
Cooking oil to fry


    Combine all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, cumin seeds, ajwain seeds, vegetable oil and salt.
    Mix together well and add water very slowly to make dough. Knead well to make it a little firm dough           (puri kind).
    Keep the dough aside for 10-15 minutes.
    Take a small ball out of this dough and roll a small puri.
    Cut it vertically, but take care not to cut all the way. Do not separate the cuttings.
    Slowly roll the slit puri and gently twist both the sides to give it a karela shape.
    Repeat the above process to make all the karelas.
    Fry them carefully in medium hot oil.

Serve them any time with tea of coffee.

Sweet samosa

Sweet samosa is a Holi recipe that uses the skeleton structure of the samosa recipe but improvises by changing the filling to a sweet one. Some variations of this Holi recipe also advise you to soak the fried samosas in a sugar syrup (ras) for a couple of hours so that it gets a juicy taste.


 1. Khoya or sweet thicken milk 2 cups
2. Jaggery 1 cup
3. Flour 2 cups
 4. Sugar 1 ½ cup (finely ground)
5. Boiling water 4 cups
6. Saffron 1 pinch
7. Seeds of green cardamon 1 pinch
8. White oil (half as pan) for deep frying Procedure


 Boil milk with jaggery in a deep pan until the jaggery melts and mixes uniformly with the milk to form khoya.
You can also buy it ready made.
 Add a pinch of saffron and mix before removing from flame.
 In another deep vessel boil water and when it stars boiling add 1 cup of sugar and cardamon seeds to it.
Keep boiling this until it reduces to half the amount you started with and also gets sticky.
This is your sugar syrup or ras.
Knead a dough with the flour by adding 2 tablespoons of sugar to it.
Roll it out into triangles and add spoonfuls of khoya as filling to each.
Fold all the three sides of the samosa batter and pinch it with your fingers to seal.
 Heat oil in a deep pan and when it starts steaming, release the samosas in it.
 Keep pressing the samosa down as it fries on medium flame.
When it turns golden brown strain it and soak in the sugar syrup for half an hour.
Sweet samosas are the best way to welcome Holi and pamper your sweet tooth.

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