Ruby Rice Pudding                                         

{6 to 8 servings}

Two coloured creamy pink pudding in an attractive ring shape.


1/3 cup rice raw
2 cups water for rice
1 cup milk
1/4 cup sugar
2 packets red cherry jelly crystals
{85 grams each}
4 cup water to melt jelly crystals
15 fresh cherries or tinned cherries
200 grams fresh cream
4 tablespoons powered sugar


Wash rice and boil with 2 cups of water till semi cooked. Drain off water,mix in sugar simmer till rice gets cooked and milk gets absorbed. keep it a side till it cools down completely.
Melt jelly crystals with 3 cups of water.Divide into 2 parts .to one part add 1 cup water chopped cherries pour in ring mould and set in the refregerator.
Whip cream with powered sugar till stiff but flowing in consistency while keeping the vessel on ice cube.
To the second half of the jelly, mix cooked rice and wipped fresh cream pour over the set cerry jelly in the ring mould.Place in the refrigeratorto set.
Unmould upside-down in a serving plate. Keep chilled till serving time                              


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