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15 Jul 2011


Prawns dipped in egg batter, rolled in cornflakes and deep fried to a delicious crispness.
Preparation Time : 20-25 minutes
Cooking Time : 10 minutes
Servings : 4

Prawns (kolambi/jhinga) 16-20

Salt to taste

Lemon juice 2 tablespoons

Refined flour (maida) 1 cup

Egg 2

Red chilli flakes 1/2 teaspoon

Honey 2 tablespoons

Fresh coriander leaves, chopped 2 tablespoons

Oil to deep fry

Corn flakes 1 cup

Clean prawns, slit and de-vein, leaving the tail intact. Flatten slightly with the back of a knife. Apply salt and half the lemon juice and keep aside. Take refined flour in a bowl. Break eggs into it. Add crushed red chillies, salt, honey and a little water and mix properly to make a smooth batter. Heat sufficient oil in a pan/kadai. Crush the cornflakes with hand and spread on a plate. Dip the prawns in the batter and roll in the cornflakes. Press lightly. Holding with them by the tails gently lower them into the hot oil and deep-fry. Take care not to overcook the prawns. Drain onto an absorbent paper and serve hot with the remaining juice of lemon.

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